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Managing Director

Shri Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Managing Director, Shri Sai Hospital, had a dream to provide best medical facilities at affordable prices within the reach of every individual and with his hard efforts, he turned his Dreams into reality by establishing Shri Sai Hospital. At Shri Sai hospital, we are united in our determination to continue our steady efforts so that we can provide highly advanced medical care that is safe, secure and advanced in a manner that lives upto the expectations of patients and a wider community based on the basics of medical care, medical science and nursing so that we can sufficiently fulfill our responsibilities and mission as a Hospital that creates a better tomorrow for medical care.

Executive Director

Mr. Ashutosh Singh the two worthy Sons of a proud Father are actively involved in the day to day operations of The Hospital. The elder one consciously takes account of the changes taking place in the healthcare industry and finds in new ways to deliver a special brand of excellent care that ensures that patients and community can trust our expertise that we will serve them as we would serve our own family while the younger one supports the hospital like a backbone by undertaking the managerial position to ensure that related work is being done on the right time by the most eligible personnel and in a right manner. We value integrity and promote the use of resources entrusted to us for the enhancement of human life. We embrace change and work to improve in a fiscally responsible manner .We put our patients first as we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers with superior service, outstanding clinical care and unsurpassed responsiveness.

Medical Director

Dr. Abhishek Kumar Singh designated as a Director, is the head of the medical & nursing departments and he ensures standardized nursing and persolized care od patients and coordination of different medical units so that patients gets best possible medical treatment and a homely atmosphere as well. He also undertakes time to time medical counseling of patients and is actively involved in research and development to cope with the fast changing operational environment of a medical organization and ensures quick adaptability towards new and advanced changes to ensure strategic edge.

• Dr. Abhishek Kumar, designated as Medical Director, Shri Sai Hospital is the …….. of the medical team and nursing departments

• He ensures standardized nursing and personalized care of patients and coordination of different medical units so that patient gets best possible personalised medical treatment and a homely atmosphere as well.

• He Personally attends all the patients and ensures accurate Monitoring of health conditions of patients to ensure their speedy recovery.

• He ensures a complete medical care for patients since their Initial Assessment to Final Discharge

24 Hour Emergency

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Complate Lab Services

Cost-efficient, comprehensive and clinical laboratory services

Medical Professionals

Qualified and certified physicians for qulity medical care